About GGP

Sustainability Overview

Sustainability is an integral component of GGP’s long-term success. We recognize this in our day-to-day operations and strive to conduct business by exploring ways to:

  • Foster energy efficiency
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce waste

The future of our planet is dependent upon the commitment to preserve and protect our fragile environment. Using resources in a responsible manner creates stability and long term property value.

We are committed to improving efficiencies and understand the tremendous impact we have on communities. Our stewardship is vital as we strive to lead by example.


Listen to Executive Vice President and COO Shobi Khan discussing GGP's sustainability initiatives on The REIT Report: NAREIT'S Weekly Podcast.

GGP’s sustainability objectives are:

  • Develop a sustainability program that complements overall operations and provides best practices for day-to-day center operations
  • Develop short and long term goals and provide sustainable measurement criteria
  • Provide awareness to communities, retailers, employees, consumers and shareholders on sustainability efforts

Attainable goals include:

  • Minimize environmental impact – increase refuse recycling and use of green cleaning supplies and maintenance products
  • Increase energy efficiency through the installation of Energy Management Systems (EMS), Enterprise Operational Analytics (EOA), and LED lighting retrofits
  • Conservation of natural resources – implementation of water conservation devices, dividing/reusing landscaping plans and reusing materials when available

We welcome your feedback on GGP’s sustainable initiatives. Send your comments to ggpsustainability@ggp.com.