About GGP

Why Sustainability?

Simply stated, our global future depends on it. The choices we pursue and the actions we make today affect tomorrow. Environmental resources are limited and are increasingly being depleted.

We understand the need to incorporate sustainability while making business decisions. There are visible trends that drive our business approach.

  • Climate Change: Many parts of the US have been increasingly experiencing droughts, raging wild fires and extreme weather calamities which affect our supply chain.
  • Costs: Energy, waste and water are some of our largest operating expenses.
  • Fossil Fuel Demand: The demand for fossil fuel continues to increase as other nations such as China and India become more industrialized. It is estimated that oil and coal production will be peak in 10-20 years. This places pressure on economies and increased costs on fossil fuel which in turn increase emissions of CO2.
  • Water Limitations: Our need for fresh water becomes greater as we consume more. Water is critical to produce products and services which we depend on. Water prices have surged in the last 12 years doubling or tripling in certain parts of the United States.
  • New Legislation: A growing number of state and municipal laws now require property owners to disclose or benchmark energy performance in buildings.

On the positive side, many industries have provided technology advancements that help improve our property environment. The new LED lights provide a longer lamp life with reductions in energy consumption. We now have the ability to achieve the same candlepower of conventional halogen lamps with energy savings of up to 40%.