Digital Marketing

Partner with GGP's digital marketing team and connect with millions of shoppers! Leverage the latest technology through our leading affinity marketing program, The Club; over 120 mall websites; social media and innovative content programs. Stay on the cutting edge of the digital world with GGP.

The Club

The Club is an industry leading affinity marketing program created for retail and restaurant partners to communicate with millions of GGP's active, mall-specific consumers. Members of The Club have joined our program to receive exclusive promotions, the best discounts, and mall event announcements from their preferred shopping center.

Mall Websites

With GGP's mall website program, retailers can connect with millions of shoppers across over 120 mall websites to build brand awareness and drive traffic and sales to their GGP locations, for absolutely no cost. Our well-designed websites promote our retailers' products, sales, events, and job openings, and can accommodate any size campaign from national to local.

Social Media

GGP's social media program is a first-to-market, industry leader, designed to promote our retailers, partners and GGP programs on a national level while customizing on a local level. With 120 properties active in the social space, GGP is committed to connecting and engaging with the millions of shoppers that visit GGP properties each year.

Innovative Content Programs

GGP partners with brands in the publishing, entertainment, travel, and retail industry to develop creative digital content programs that connect, engage, and bring value-added experiences to its mall consumers. Partners with GGP promote their brand and build strong relationships with the millions of shoppers interacting with GGP malls nationwide. Programs can be developed to reach niche segments and regional interests, or cover broad demographics on a national scale via any or all of GGP's digital media assets.