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GGP offers a robust mix of media options, all strategically placed to reach shoppers who are in the mood to buy. In mall advertising provides opportunities to target your message to potential customers at the point of purchase. GGP malls are a unique medium that can help you reach a large consumer base and increase brand awareness.

Click any of the advertising options below to see examples of what you can do in our malls:

    Placeholder2 Backlit / Duratrans

    Backlit advertising is a great way to gain visibility for your brand, products or services. These panels are typically on the backside of the mall directory or vending machines, which are both popular destination spots for shoppers.

    Placeholder2 Bulkheads, Barricades and Exterior Advertising

    Custom advertising elements such as bulkheads, barricades, light pole banners and exterior signage all serve as unique ways to target your key audience when and where they are ready to shop.

    Placeholder2 Clings

    Door, floor and mirror clings are all great ways to engage the shoppers as they enter and make their way through the mall environment. 76% of shoppers thought window / door clings are a good way to learn about new products, services or promotions.*

    Placeholder2 Food Court Advertising

    62% of shoppers visit the food court during their mall visit and spend on average 34 minutes in this area.* Table tents, inserts and clings have low production costs and allow for placement in one of the most highly-visited areas of the mall.

    Placeholder2 SkyBanners

    The large size and high visibility of SkyBanners are a great way to capture shoppers’ attention as they are walking through the mall environment. 90% of shoppers thought SkyBanners are a good way to learn about new products, services or promotions.*

    Placeholder2 Standees

    Nearly ½ of all shoppers had learned about the advertised brand exclusively from the standees at the mall.* Standing 6’ 6” high and 3’ wide, standees have excellent visibility and are placed in the most highly-trafficked areas of the mall to target the consumer when they are in the buying mindset.

    Placeholder2 Wraps

    Large format escalator, elevator and entrance wraps have great presence within the busiest areas of the mall environment. More than 1/3 of all mall shoppers said they were more likely to use the service after seeing it advertised on an escalator wraps.*

*Source: 2011 Arbitron Media Effectiveness Study.