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A prime example of the creativity that drives GGP is our Portfolio Review program. Portfolio Review is our customized leasing program designed for retailers looking to expand into multiple locations. Retailers with a hearty appetite for regional mall space are enticed by GGP's menu of 120 malls in the United States. Portfolio Review is the most efficient way for these retailers to discuss multiple deals in one meeting. It is our way of making it easier to do business with GGP.

The process starts with the retailer providing GGP with specific information on their retail space needs. We then determine which of our properties offer the opportunities sought by the retailers and meet with them in a variety of settings - corporately, regionally, at ICSC functions or in their offices - to provide a one-stop-shopping experience. Extensive analysis and preparation prior to the Portfolio Review allow meetings to focus on deal making in addition to exchanging information. Our retailers have told us that this is the most productive use of their time and their preferred way to discuss and negotiate deals.

For more information or to schedule your own Portfolio Review, contact Megan Atha at (312) 960-6461.

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