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Open a Store

Temporary inline stores, also known as short-term stores or "pop-up stores", provide several advantages to retailers and businesses with an expanded merchandise assortment or product too large to be displayed and sold on an RMU or kiosk.

Advantages include:

• Larger space
• A private and relaxed setting to connect with customers
• Several options for size, location, amenities and availability

Temporary inline stores are more expensive to open and operate than RMUs and kiosks. Some operating expenses to consider when opening a temporary inline store include:

• Design, production and installation of professional storefront signage
• Electricity and trash for the space
• Merchandise to fill the space
• In-store fixturing*

*Some temporary in-line stores may have built-in fixtures or fixtures left from the previous business, however many do not.

  • Temporary Inline Signage Criteria
  • Mall Locations