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Farmers Markets

Our Farmers Markets offer more than just locally grown, farm fresh produce. Crowds of loyal foodies make their journey to select malls to choose from a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, enjoy entertainment and pick up something one-of-a-kind and handmade from neighborhood artisans and craftsman. Since neighborhood malls already act as the hub of most communities, your market will benefit from the built-in traffic that the mall provides.

“We're getting great feedback from our customers and we’ve sold at least 30% more produce than we expected each week. We’re looking forward to coming back next season!"

-- Farmer and Operator, Donna Klubba.

Get the 2014 Farmer's Market schedule of dates, locations and times here.

A GGP Farmers Market is a perfect venue for you if you…

  • Sell quality handmade arts and crafts
  • Create delicious specialty foods made from scratch with local ingredients
  • Prepare prepackaged scrumptious organic delights
  • Have a local band or provide kids entertainment

CONTACT US if you are interested in participating in or promoting a farmer's market.

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