Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is an integral component of GGP’s long-term success. We strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our day-to-day operations and explore ways to foster energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and reduce waste. We believe that using resources in a responsible manner preserves and protects our environment for future generations.

Download our Sustainability report and explore sustainability initiatives below.

GGP Sustainability Report (high resolution)
GGP Sustainability Report (low resolution)

Sustainability Initiatives at 200 Lafayette

New York, NY

The preservation and reuse of the building formerly known as The Knickerbocker Telephone Company Building is sustainable stewardship of our environmental resources. Existing buildings represent an incredibly high embodied energy, meaning the energy and resources expended to build them, as well as what would be required to replace them. The preservation and adaptive reuse of this historic structure is an example of the most beneficial sustainable practice in building construction...

Sustainability Initiatives at 685 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY

The retail conversion project at 685 Fifth Avenue was a strategic reuse of an existing building to improve the leasable retail space by creating vertical retail with greater floor heights. The building was originally built in 1931 with additions and modifications undertaken in 1994. For this project, four existing floors were converted to three retail floors with taller floor-to-floor dimensions...

Sustainability Initiatives at Westroads Mall

Omaha, NE

When Flagship Commons, the first food hall in Omaha opened at Westroads Mall, the former traditional food court was a prime candidate for adaptive reuse. Rather than demolish the existing structure, GGP transformed the former food court into a single-occupant space for The Container Store...

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