Baybrook Mall Sustainability Initiatives


In late 2015, GGP began the first phase of a sustanainable expansion project adding 300,000 square feet of open-air shopping space to Baybrook Mall – the premier shopping destination in the Southeast Houston metro area. 

Temperatures in Texas can be extreme, so construction plans necessitated elements that would efficiently reflect heat while reducing the building's overall energy consumption. The architectural design of the project included a white roof membrane that successfully reduced heat and cooling needs, and concrete paving was used in parking areas to decrease the heat island effect.

To further lower the building’s overall energy footprint, high efficiency LED lighting and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER rating) HVAC equipment were installed. Baybrook Mall’s expansion plans optimized lighting and power usage by incorporating the mall’s common area into the building’s overall Energy Management System (EMS). The construction team also prioritized conserving water resources and water efficient fixtures and smart irrigation controllers were also installed.

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