Advertising with GGP

GGP’s retail properties are ideal venues for high-impact consumer connections. With luxury shopping centers strategically placed throughout the nation’s most profitable retail areas, we offer a direct line to customers on their path to purchase.

From large-format media to digital OOH (out-of-home media), pop-up retail to local sponsorships, and experiential events to holiday promotions, you’ll find everything you need to create a powerful mall marketing program for your brand.


Media & Signage

GGP offers a robust mix of media options, all strategically placed to reach shoppers who are in the shopping mindset. Our in-property signage includes everything from large format skybanners to movable, location based standees, custom wraps to high impact food court advertising. This signage helps to increase brand awareness to shoppers already near the point of purchase.

The GGP property's indoor two level atrium is lit up by natural lighting and has an advertisement hanging from the ceiling.

Experiences & Events

With a portfolio of retail environments in top markets, GGP provides venues for highly targeted and memorable events and promotions. 

At a GGP property event, a model walks the runway to show off new fashions in an indoor common area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

GGP's sponsored events include seasonal opportunities, play-based experiences for families with children, farmer's markets, and more. Sponsoring an event provides an opportunity to showcase products at highly promoted local specialty markets, and could be your next step to creating a distinct connection with a desired audience.

In a common area inside a GGP property, a sponsored play area give children and families another activity in the shoppnig center.

Past Work

From Disney to Samsung, Keurig to “Modern Family,” we have a track record of bringing brand awareness to the world-class companies that advertise with GGP. View our featured projects to see what’s possible.

Glendale Galleria Dyson pop up experience 1

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