Food & Beverage Industry

On-site pop-ups and sampling events are experiential ways to drive awareness of food and beverage products. Explore GGP's past collaborations with brands such as Kind Snacks and Pepsi to learn more about the possibilities.

Kind Snacks

Activation: Sampling Event
Location: Altamonte Mall and Perimeter Mall

Kind Snacks utilized a 10x10 space at Altamonte and Perimeter Malls, with brand ambassadors available on site to distribute products to shoppers in an exciting sampling event.


Activation: Static Media, Digital Media, Pop Ups, Sponsorship
Location: Multiple

GGP's partnership with Pepsi is multi-faceted, including sponsored soft seating Dew Zones, skybanners, digital ads, floor clings, pop-up experiences and more at various GGP properties, varying seasonally and throughout the mall portfolio.

Red Robin

Activation: Static Media
Location: Multiple

Red Robin utilized standees and t-stands in three separate eight-week campaigns across 24 GGP properties.

Red Robin continues to increase presence and reach as they see the success of the ads driving traffic to their restaurants.

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