Note on False Employment Offers

GGP has received reports about people receiving false offers of employment from GGP or a GGP executive by email. These emails, which may appear genuine at first, are fraudulent and were not sent by anyone at or associated with GGP. This is a criminal act and punishable by law.  

How do I know if I’ve received a fake offer?

The fake offer may include salary information. It typically provides minimal details about benefits and asks that the applicant send back money if s/he decides not to proceed with the job. The letter may have a GGP logo or executive signature, making it appear authentic. These emails often look trustworthy at first blush, so vigilance is necessary. 

What can I expect from a genuine offer?

GGP Human Resources is in contact with candidates throughout the interview and employment process. If a job offer from GGP is unexpected, then it is probably a scam. A genuine offer from GGP will never ask for money. 

What should I do if I receive a fake letter?

Be cautious when opening any unverified emails. Do not click on or open any attachments or provide personal information. If you receive what you believe is a fake offer letter, we recommend you immediately contact local law enforcement and/or forward the messages to To assist law enforcement and GGP in investigating these matters, please retain all email correspondence relating to the fake offer.