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GGP owns and operates premier retail properties that offer best-in-class brand names in highly visible locations. Learn more about the excellent customer service, business planning and design services created to support your retail operation. From leasing opportunities to management and marketing, your business belongs with GGP.


Retail Leasing

GGP's portfolio of properties spans the entire country, and every location provides shoppers with a one-of-a-kind experience. On the other side of the coin, GGP's property management team positions retailers and restauranteurs for success through strategic support programs.

Eat / Drink

With properties situated in some of the most highly trafficked areas of the US, GGP offers ideal restaurant space for lease. Whether you are interested in opening a unique, new-to-market eatery or you’re seeking to invest in a popular national restaurant franchise, GGP can help you reach the most diners in the local area market.

Kiosks, Carts, and Specialty Leasing

GGP offers specialty leasing options to fit your business needs. Invest in large, customizable kiosks, or Retail Merchandising Units (aka RMUs or carts), which offer 360º consumer exposure. GGP’s leasing representatives are experts in a variety of common area leasing opportunities.  

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Urban Retail

Give your business the exposure it needs by exploring GGP’s many urban retail properties. Located in the most populous cities across the U.S, our urban leasing options offer the unique opportunity to reach consumers where they work, shop, and live. Elevate your brand by providing it with access to these dynamic and high-traffic areas.

Office Leasing

Discover GGP’s many office spaces for lease to accelerate the growth of your business. Pair your business with a GGP commercial office space for access to all the necessary amenities in prime locations across the country. Explore office spaces for all types of businesses to find the perfect fit to accommodate your organization.  

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