GGP Digital Support

GGP’s Marketing team supports retail partners in a variety of ways, from digital support promoting local sales and events to national campaigns centered around key shopping holidays. Our social media and website strategies focus on building awareness and driving foot traffic to the tenants in our retail centers.

Below are a few of the ways we help retailers connect with shoppers digitally.

Alexa Skill

GGP leads with the GGP Alexa Skill, empowering shoppers to keep up to date on events and store openings at 3 participating properties.

Facebook Shopbot

The GGP Shopbot on Facebook Messenger enables shoppers to browse sales and discover new arrivals at participating GGP properties.

GGP Malls App

The GGP Malls app allows shoppers to bring their local GGP mall with them wherever they go. Users can easily access each mall's directory, explore sales, find out where to park and even set parking reminders.

Innovating Unique Parking Solutions

Parking has long been a pain point for retail shoppers, but recent developments by GGP are changing the game. 

Powering Up Your Brick and Mortar Presence

GGP is empowering a new generation of retail and creative entrepreneurs to operate as successfully in the offline world as they do online.