Retail Space for Lease at Glendale Galleria

Glendale, California

Glendale Galleria features cutting-edge retail concepts including the world’s first Apple store, as well as the Disney Store, The LEGO Store and Pandora. The star of the local retail scene, the Galleria is located just north of Los Angeles and caters to celebrities, fashionistas and families alike. Retailers provide exclusive studio services to meet the demands of the more than 50,000 entertainment industry employees in the trade area.  

A sophisticated collection of over 200 retail stores and restaurants set this shopping center apart, as do regular media relations efforts garnering over $5 million annually in media exposure. A dramatic renovation elevated the exterior and features a new restaurant and over 50,000 square feet of popular retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Ted Baker London and ZARA.

Advertising Opportunities at Glendale Galleria

From large-format digital screens in our Center Court to exterior digital screens facing Central Avenue, Glendale Galleria offers a multitude of ways to connect with shoppers. Get in touch with our team to learn more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


Year Remodeled
Total Retail Space (sq. ft.)
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Key Tenants

Trade Area Demographics

Our trade areas are based on geographically-contiguous zip codes. Typically, 70–80% of a center’s shoppers come from the property’s trade area. GGP based this area definition on 1,000+ zip codes gathered during a series of Customer Intercept Surveys (CIS.)

% of Households Earning $75,000+
% Population (Age 25+) w/ Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Average Household Income
Median Age

Lease Plan

We invite you to explore the leasing footprint and tenant mix at this property. Get in touch to learn more about leasing opportunities with GGP.


Retail Leasing

Contact our leasing specialist to explore retail leasing opportunities with GGP. From property management services to marketing, our team has the tools to promote ongoing success.

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Eat / Drink

Whether you are interested in leasing space for a full-service restaurant or a quick-service franchise, our Eat / Drink specialists can help grow your business.

Kiosks, Carts & Specialty Leasing

GGP offers specialty leasing options that range from customizable kiosks to Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) that position your business in common areas with high foot traffic. Contact our specialist to learn more.

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Filming at GGP

Scouting for a movie or TV show? One of GGP's scenic properties could play the part of your next filming location.

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media, you may reach out to the GGP public relations team and a response will be provided as quickly as possible. Please understand that media information is listed for the sole purpose of providing assistance to members of the press.

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