Retail Space for Lease at River Hills Mall

Mankato, Minnesota

River Hills Mall is the premier shopping center serving southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The center features strong anchor stores such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Herberger's, JCPenney and Target alongside an impressive lineup of retailers including a brand new H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, The Children's Place, Kay Jewelers, ULTA BEAUTY and Victoria's Secret. Mankato is home to Minnesota State University and a robust economy made up of agriculture, large regional healthcare, manufacturing, retail and education industry employees. An eight-screen theater, a turn-of-the-century carousel, the food court and the Mayo HealthSystem Play Area make this an ideal family-friendly destination in the area.

Year Renovated
Total Retail Space (sq. ft.)
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Key Tenants

Trade Area Demographics

Our trade areas are based on geographically-contiguous zip codes. Typically, 70–80% of a center’s shoppers come from the property’s trade area. GGP based this area definition on 1,000+ zip codes gathered during a series of Customer Intercept Surveys (CIS.)

% of Households Earning $75,000+
% Population (Age 25+) w/ Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Average Household Income
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Lease Plan

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Major changes are coming to River Hills Mall in 2017. Discover new leasing opportunities coming to this property.

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