Town East Mall

Mesquite, Texas

One of the largest retail destinations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Town East Mall offers an exciting lineup of today’s hottest regional and national retailers, including Aéropostale, Charming Charlie, Forever 21, H&M, Vans and Victoria’s Secret.

More than 18 million people visit the shopping center annually, often coming from as far away as Tyler (90 miles) and Texarkana (167 miles) to do their shopping.

There's also something for everyone in the 850-seat food court that features 13 eateries, including BJ's Restaurant & Brewery, Chick-Fil-A, Sbarro, Subway and Taco Bell.

Year Renovated
Total Retail Space (sq. ft.)
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Key Tenants

Trade Area Demographics

Our trade areas are based on geographically-contiguous zip codes. Typically, 70–80% of a center’s shoppers come from the property’s trade area. GGP based this area definition on 1,000+ zip codes gathered during a series of Customer Intercept Surveys (CIS.)

Median Age
% of Households Earning $75,000+
Average Household Income
% Population (Age 25+) w/ Bachelor's Degree or Higher


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Kiosks, Carts & Specialty Leasing

GGP offers specialty leasing options that range from customizable kiosks to Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) that position your business in common areas with high foot traffic. Contact our specialist to learn more.

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